blessing and recommendation from the Admor from Pittsburgh- Ashdod
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Mordechi Issachar Behr Lyfer
Admor of Petesburg
Kiryat Petesburg

Tuesday 27 Tevet 5760

The honorable gentleman R. Shlomo Goldstein, of Petah Tikva, has for many years made a study of the genealogy of all the different Chassidic Rabbis, from Baal Shem Tov until the present, to preserve their names for posterity and so that their progeny will know about their illustrious ancestors.

The task includes collecting a large quantity of material, making it difficult for R. Goldstein to continue the project. To enable him to proceed with this important work, Mr. Goldstein made a large financial investment into a special computer program. The plan is now to computerize all the available material and to develop this giant undertaking.

The expenses entailed in this plan are tremendous and I therefore appeal to those who are generous in the community and to all our friends, to support him spiritually and financially, to enable him to succeed in this task, which he performs voluntarily.

I extend my good wishes for future success to those assisting in this important endeavor.

Signed: Mordechi Yissachar Behr Lyfer

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