blessing and recommendation from Rabbi Moshe Nachshoni from Rishon Letzion
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Rabbi Moshe Nachshoni, Rabbi of Rishon LeZion
12 Rabbi Kook Street
Rishon LeZion
Tel: 03-9648512; Fax: 03-9501393

12 Menahem Av 5759

I hereby introduce you to R. Shlomo Goldstein, formerly of Rishon LeZion and now of Petah Tikva, a descendent of the well known Yisrael of Lijansk, the Noam Elimelech, and author of the manuscript A History of Lijansk Dynasty.

R. Shlomo Goldstein is devoted to Chassidus and wants to encourage its dissemination. He has thought of a remarkable idea - to make a computer program which will make a record of all the greatest Chassidic Rabbis since the Besht, their pupils, families and all their descendents. To amass this information, financial and other resources are required.

Greater knowledge of our eminent Rabbis helps to increase interest in their way of life and bring us closer to their ideals. Information about them and their genealogy, according to each specific branch, also augments our general knowledge of Chassidus, our Faith, and deepens our understanding of the Sources.

R. Goldstein has already designed questionnaires and sent them to many Chassidic Leaders and his project is underway. Note that the aura surrounding great Chassidic leaders and their deeds are both instructive and spiritually enhancing.

This ambitious program entails enormous expense and R. Goldstein cannot continue this task without support. Anyone helping to further this project contributes greatly to the spread of Torah and Chassidus.

I hereby call on those of my brothers and friends to support this important project financially and otherwise. Such a meritorious deed will be blessed. Anyone helping with information will, too, become a partner in this noble undertaking.

This recommendation is valid until Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, 5760

Your sincerely, (signed) Moshe Nachshoni, Rabbi of Rishon LeZion.

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