blessing and recommendation from the Admor from Biale- Ramat-Aharon
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Yitzhak Yacov Rabbinowitz
Admor of Biahla

Tues 27 Tevet 5759

R. Shlomo Goldstein, of Petah Tikva, a descendent of the noted Noam Elimelech of Lejansk, has approached me with a computer program to aid in establishing a genealogical record of the great Chassidic dynasties, from their inception until today.

This is an important project, enabling future generations to know about their illustrious ancestors. Indeed, it will help to bring those who have strayed from the path of their ancestors, back into the fold.
Experience has shown that this type of lineage project is accompanied by spiritual renewal.

Thus, R. Shlomo Goldstein must be encouraged and financially supported, so that he can fulfill his plans.

Anyone helping in this undertaking will be blessed and will also be participating in the spread of the Chassidic wellspring, while awaiting for the coming of the Messiah.

With Torah and Chassidic Greetings
Signed A.S. Meir Miller, for the Biahler Rebbe

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