A memory tribute to the Admorims and their families.

My name is Shlomo Goldstein,

For nearly 30 years, I have been researching the Chassidic founders and "Admorei Hachasidout" (Chassidic rabbis), and the family ties that connects.

Such a thorough and extended research has not been done yet: it encompasses all dynasties, with all their descendants and not just one specific dynasty and its kin.
I have collected tens of thousands of admori names and those of their descendents, all the way back to the founder of Chassidism, the holy Baal-Shem-Tov, and up until today.
Among them, thousands of names not mentioned in any book or publications that have come to my attention in different ways, as a result of decades of research.

Until now, I have handled this vast amount of material manually. However, these large quantities of information, and my desire to connect between them, have encouraged me to move to computerised information management. I have looked for a program, which would fit the specific requirements that such a research demands, but I have not found any. I have therefore decided to develop my own program that would match the needed requirements and produce special reports for the research.

This is why, for almost three years, I have been busy developing a program called "Rabbishe Kinder". The program is designed for the data management of the Chassidic dynasties. Today, (after 3 years of work), I have finished writing the program, and have inserted thousand of records.
I have completed, working program, that has impressed all those who have seen it, with its many functions, its wide range of data, - such as marriage relations, books, birth and death dates, burial places, the rabbis and their students, etc. The unlimited quantity of data it can handle, its ability to retrieve specific information and details fast, its user friendly interface and its three lingual capacity (English - Hebrew - Yiddish).

Blessings and recommedations

I have demonstrated the program to some Admorim and important rabbis (such as the Admor from Pittsburgh- Ashdod, the Admor from Biale- Ramat-Aharon, Rabbi Moshe Nachshoni from Rishon Letzion, etc.) who have shown great enthusiasm for the idea and have given me their blessings and recommendations for the program. And so, several articles praising it were published in religious newspapers ("Sichat Hashavoua" -chabad-, on 13/2/99 and in the weekly magazine "Yom Hashishi" on 20/5/99).

Articles published in religious newspapers

It is still needed to type hundreds of thousands pieces of data items (that I have accumulated for many years) into the program and afterwards, to create an internet site, one that will enable Jews from all over the world to learn about Chassidism and Admori , and to check whether they are maybe descendants of Admori families. And who knows how many Jews, who do not follow Torah and Mitzvoth may want to return to our Father of Heaven after finding out that somewhere along the line, they are related to the holy Admorim.
Over the past few years, a wave of awakening has arisen all over the world, to return to the sources and roots and there is a great interest in the subjects the program deals with, in the Chareidi circle, the Mizrahi and orthodox circles, and even in the "unorthodox circle", and therefore, we can expect many people to enter the site.

In order to be able to continue the work, I'm looking for an financier, that will finance the typing in, of the information, the purchase of office equipment, and advanced computer systems, the financing of an Internet site and the continuation of the research.
The project's income will come from selling publication areas on the site, and from the special reports, charts, family trees, etc.

And I am sure, with G-d's help, that you will get credit and honours for the merit of thousands of tsadikims, many of whom perished in the Holocaust, - whose memories will be remembered in the whole world, with your help, through this program, (without this, they might be forgotten "chas veshalom"), - honours for you and your family and to whoever helped in the creation of this program, and you will be rewarded with blessings mentioned in the Torah, like a long, healthy and prosperous life, "amen ken yehi ratson".

All the best

Shlomo Elazar Goldstein
Zichon Moshe 3A, appt. 13
Petach-Tikva 49334
Tel/Fax: 03/922.32.64
Cellular: 052-521.343

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